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SMM (Social Media Management)

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Facebook being probably the most popular social website on the Web, with people disclosing personal and professional information it is increasingly becoming a useful tool to reach out to a large target audience in a short time and keep them engaged with the company brand and products/services.

Therefore, having a presence on Facebook, can help a company get viewership of millions of people at a fractional cost of that incurred through media like television or newspapers.

ReachPeopleDirect can help in building up and maintaining a company’s Facebook presence to achieve any objective - whether it is to create brand recall among target customers, or keep customers engaged with the company’s products/services, or help a company launch a new product/service by first gathering potential customer viewpoints, or simply act as a medium through which to disseminate information to their stakeholders.

ReachPeopleDirect can aid companies with their Social Media Management using its in-house expertise in the following ways:

Custom Facebook Page involves creating a fan or non-fan page for the company, its brand, or its product/s or service/s. The company can use this platform for all the reasons mentioned above. Such a step can result in nothing but goodwill among the target audience for the company.

Facebook Apps are of a variety of types and can be completely customised according to the company’s requirements. ReachPeopleDirect can create simple contests for potential customers for them to win freebies, or multi-stage contests which will help the company keep its customers’ thoughts occupied and such apps with many more objectives.

Facebook Ads can be used for targeting specific groups or segments of population with pre-defined attributes that the company thinks form customers of the company's products and/or services. Using Facebook the client can run interesting ads across different demographics, increase clicks to increase brand awareness and increase "likes" to build a loyal fan following.