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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

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The SEO process employed by ReachPeopleDirect is an exhaustive one designed to make the client’s website stand out from the crowd. The process involves the following:

The goal of this process is to finalise primary and secondary keywords using various SEO keyword tools such as Google Trends, Google Insights and AdWords keyword tool. The aim is to arrive at a list of 35-40 keywords on the basis of popularity, relevance and competitive index that can be targeted.

As the name suggests, this process involves analysing up to 5 competitors of the client website to figure out areas of improvement for the client’s website.

In this process, the goal is to optimise the home page and other inner pages of the client’s website around the primary keywords that have been identified. The optimisation involves the title, description and other meta tags around the keywords selected for both the home page and inner pages.

With listings on Google Local, Google Maps and Yahoo Local the aim is to optimise for the local search keywords.

Using Google Analytics set-up the client’s site will be monitored for traffic by different criteria.

A corporate blog is set up for the client where articles related to the primary keywords identified can be posted.

In this process, the goal is to be consistent in creating unique, compelling and resourceful content in the form of articles or blog posts ever week. Once an article is written and approved by the client, the steps involved are: -

  • Posting the article to the blog
  • Syndicating the article with up to 15 relevant and popular article submission sites
  • Building campaign strength by attracting 3 to 5 "likes" or "thumbs up" or reviews for the content generated
  • Building quality links from relevant and popular web, user and social communities with the relevant anchor text

The goal is to report regularly to the client on the progress made through the SEO activities. The reports sent include those for SEO links, Web Rank, Link profile and Web traffic to the client's website.