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Voice Marketing

No longer do you need to worry about the productivity and success rate of your outbound call-centre. Our Voice Marketing Product takes care of repeated activities such as dialing and making preliminary announcements to your customers and lets your agents focus only on calls that can increase the performance of your operations.

Whether you are a fast-growing business or an innovative consultant looking to capitalize on the exploding voice broadcasting industry, Voice Marketing Product can help.

The Dialer can be used as an Automated Campaign Management tool in the customer service industry for applications including:

  • Airline call-centres where passengers need to be called up to be informed of schedule changes and flight status updates.
  • Low risk outstanding collections campaigns for service-oriented firms where customers are called out for reminders on payments based on different products and delinquency buckets.
  • Telemarketing campaigns for informing customers of new schemes and products or taking feedback from customers.

Our objectives are your objectives; delivering consistent messages to the right people, at the right time and most importantly generating results.