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Fax Marketing

Nobody can ignore a fax coming through! Contact your clients and develop loyalty through fax marketing, a direct, economical and efficient marketing tool. With Fax message you can send time sensitive information instantly faxed to decision makers. Company Newsletters, product updates…etc have a better chance of being read in Print. Product & Consumer Alerts., feedback forms or registration forms are best delivered through Faxing. provides Fax Marketing broadcast services. Fax marketing campaigns have a great cut-through. Our clients have had excellent results with fax marketing, and so can you.

We provide technology and infrastructure for Fax marketing broadcast to your database.’s Fax Database is huge, and has been classified into industry specific areas as well as locations. Data can be extracted and further refined by various criteria to suit your specific needs. No matter what style of business you are targeting your marketing campaign towards, we can save your time and money by contacting only those potential customers relevant to your business goals.

Fax marketing is one of the most renowned tools to capture the responses because of its acceptable medium as “call-for-action”

All campaigns include:

  • "Fax Marketing Broadcast" campaigns to your database
  • "Target Fax" marketing to our database
  • Proofing your copy
  • Reporting