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EDM (Electronic Direct Mailer)

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Electronic Direct Mailers are nothing but emails sent out on a large scale to reach out to present or potential target audience for quick communication.

Nowadays, with physical mails becoming less and less of a norm for communication, email has occupied that pride of place. In today’s world, having an email address is more of a necessity than a privilege. Therefore, for companies to keep in touch with their customers regularly and cost effectively, email stands out as the best option many times.

Through years of experience in the eDM field, ReachPeopleDirect has developed expertise because of which it can handle any amount of email traffic that the company wishes to send. ReachPeopleDirect follows all the best practices in this field such as server rotation and IP rotation to handle the traffic volume. In order to get the company’s newsletter in the target customer’s inbox, ReachPeopleDirect has other sets of best practices such as server white-listing, designing of the newsletter with careful attention paid to text and images, positioning and design of the Call-For-Action for each such eDM campaign to collect customer responses and many more.

ReachPeopleDirect has its own platform for eDM activity and ReachPeopleDirect is flexible enough either to run eDM campaigns on behalf of the client company or to provide user log in credentials to the client company for it to use ReachPeopleDirect’s platform as and when is convenient.