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Build your Own Consumer database

Having a good customer database will allow your business to grow or maintain its current level. Your customer database will be the best tool you have during hard times and the best tool you have when you need to maximize your profits. Typically a good customer database includes as much information as possible about your customers.

Our data capture service is ideal for capturing responses to contests and promotions and handling enrolments into loyalty programs.

Our data processing services include OCR Cleanup, Form Processing, data entry, restructuring, standardization and data cleanup, data preparation, sorting and formatting. We also generate outputs in the form of personalized letters, statements, labels or reports. We offer segmenting and program communication in both physical as well as email versions. Large-scale high-speed email messaging is offered in an opt-in framework.

Our data centre offers software support to develop processes and screens for data capture and validation, customize applications for data management and for data sorting, extractions and reports. Customized de-duplication and house-holding on large customer databases can also be carried out to suit specific requirements.