Consumer Database in Saudi Arabia provides Mobile & Email database of consumers in Saudi Arabia. We have6.5 million and still counting, profiled database for Saudi Arabia and all waiting to be your potential customers.

The ways to segment are as varied as the people you target. Here are just a few possible segmentations:

  1. Age
  2. Interest
  3. Ethnicity
  4. Gender
  5. Marital Status
  6. Income
  7. Buying Habits
  8. Distribution experts can even target your list to groups with specific:
  9. Health Interests
  10. Aptitude
  11. Education Level/Literacy
  12. Sports Interest
  13. Hobbies
  14. Kids/No Kids
  15. Residence (Apt. vs. House)
  16. Entertainment Choices
  17. Geographic Location
  18. Make of Car owned

and just about anything else you can think of

Some of the countries that are part of our huge consumer database