Data Hygiene

Get-start your data by

  1. Data Verification
  2. Merge & Purge
  3. De-Duplication
  4. Data Sorting & Re-Arrangement
  5. Data Input & Output
  6. Data Analysis & Reporting
  7. Data Storage

We aren't afraid of a bit of cleaning and tidying. We know it's not your favorite job, so we're happy to roll our capes up and get stuck in on your behalf. The cleaning process is critical to maintaining the value of your database. We make it our business to improve and enhance databases through our cleaning processes, because as data deteriorates, so does the cost-effectiveness of the data.

If you give your database, we'll give it back to you cleaner. It's that simple. And if you acquire new data from us - well, you have nothing to worry about, it's already in tip-top  shape. We've cleaned it, scrubbed it, checked it, tested it, crosschecked it, suppressed it and generally made sure it's something we're proud of.

  1. Reduce rollout costs
  2. Increase response
  3. Eliminate duplication
  4. Improve accuracy